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Achievement at international level in 2017 (CERN)

Our students Garima and Amit of class XII participated at international level for CERN Beamline Project, they made electrochemical wave walker with guide teacher Ms. Kusum. The team received appreciation certificates from CERN. Watch project here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXIpet292Ss&feature=youtu.be

Maker Fest 2017

Makers Fest is an informal local event organized by change makers where people gather together and celebrate the contributions of different innovators who have a good social, environmental and economic impact in their local communities. Having said this, it’s a pleasure for us to participate and get acknowledged on this note that we have made a mark in our community on diverse plethora.

The students created an innovative Project” Smart medical Room” through the Robotics lab and displayed it at the event. Their work was appreciated by all. It is a proud moment for us to share with you all that we have received a number of orders for the same.

Saving Environment – Earth Day Celebrations

Chetan Jindal and Esha Anand ( IX D) participated in Saving Environment (Model making) in the celebration of Earth Day and were ranked 2nd, the students were awarded certificates.

World Ozone Day with Health Care Foundation

Heart Care Foundation of India has been observing world Ozone Day every year on 16th Sept 16 to create awareness amongst school children on Ozone related issues. This year our school along with Heart Care Foundation celebrated World Ozone Day on September 2016 in the school premises. Various competitions were held in our school and students of our school won prizes in the competitions. Stuti and Tanya of Class X won 2nd prize in debate competition Senior Category and were awarded a cash prize of Rs. 700/-

Microsoft Event: Sway Day@ SD Public school, Pitampura

Microsoft Showcase school event was organized at S D PUBLIC School, Pitampura on 21st March 2017. Our school as a Microsoft Showcase School grabbed this opportunity to create, innovate and cultivate curiosity amongst the Education fraternity.

Educators and students from 12 schools participated in the event and were provided with hands on training on Microsoft tools by MIEs Ms. Anamika Jha, Ms. Mukta Lal and Ms. Gunjan Aggarwal. The session was an enriching endeavor to embed 21st century learning tools into our day to day teaching learning process.

The educators discovered how they could effectively use technology in the classrooms thus facilitating effective learning. They also competed amongst each other in short online competition

CBSE Regional Level Exhibition 2016

Sharvi Bansal VIII C, Priyanshu Gupta VIII C participated in CBSE Regional level exhibition titled Generation of water from thin air at Bal Bharti Public school, New Delhi

Model Making Completion (Inter-school)

Students of class ix Sanyam Jain and Rohit Jha participated on model making completion at Gyan mandir public school titled road safety.

ICT Conclave

Md Arham and Yash Patodia participated in ICT Conclave at Welham’s boy’s school, Dehradun. Md Arham was awarded 1st prize in rapid fire round in quiz


Our students Shubham Jindal, Garima and Amit of class XI prepared a model on the theme Caring for Mother Earth on the topic “To Reinvent the Hidden Treasure” with guide teacher Ms. Kusum and got the 3rd position. The students were awarded certificates and trophies. They prepared the project based on the principle of total internal reflection.

2016 MTNL Health Mela

Heart Care Foundation of India, a non -profitable NGO organized “Perfect Health Mela” 2016, at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi from 25th to 29th October 2016 on the theme “ONE HEALTH”. Our school, “S.D PUBLIC, BU- BLOCK” not only participated in various events but also bought a lot of laurels to the school by winning the different competitions among 2000-3000 participants. Our students participated in events like collage making, western dance (solo)- primary, middle and senior category, science model cum demonstration, environment model cum demonstration etc.

Daksh and Shivam of class IX A got second position in senior category with their model on the theme “From Farm to Plate- Make Food Safe” under the guide teacher Ms. Sonia. The students were awarded with trophies and certificates.

NDPL Urja Mela

Our students participated at NDPL Urja Mela in the month of November 2016 and got first and second positions in model making competitions at GBSSS FU block Pitampura on the topic “Energy”. They made an Electrochemical Ship which runs at the expense of ions present in sea water – which is abundant and available almost free.

Zonal Level Science exhibition

(2016-2017) Anjana Yadav and Sifat Sharma of class VII C participated in zonal level Science exhibition organized by Directorate of Education. The exhibition was held at S.K.V Centre No-1. The students participated under the theme of Transport and Communication on the topic “Plastic coated bitumen roads”. The students were selected there and participated at the zonal level.

Atharv of class IV-B and Parth Aggarwal of class V-B participated in MTNL Health Mela held at Talkatora Stadium on the theme “ Food and its safety” on the topic ‘Food Adulteration’. The students participated and demonstrated their model to identify adulterated food.

The Heart Care Foundation of India organized debate competition on the topic “Effect of global warming”. Navya Jain of class VII C, Priyanshu Gupta and Naina Dangi of class VIII- C participated in the competition and got consolation prize and were also awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 300.

Anushka Bansal and Urvashi of class VII B participated in the Zonal level Science Exhibition organized by the Directorate of Education. The students prepared a model under the theme “Food and its production” on the topic “Vertical Farming” held at S.K.V Centre No-1. The students participated and were appreciated.

Creative Minds

Samarth Varshney and Akshay Singhal X C participated in Creative minds (demonstrating Experiments at Maharaja Agarsen Adarsh Public School, New Delhi and were awarded 2nd rank

State level Science, Mathematics & Environmental Exhibition

Rahul Rathore and Priyanshu Tayal( Class VIII C) participated in the state level science exhibition held in S.K.V, Vasant Vihar, Delhi and displayed their working model based on ‘Smart ways of waste Management’ for which the students were immensely appreciated by the esteemed judges and the visitors. They also received a cash prize of Rs. 250 each.

Regional Level Science Exhibition

Kashish Tayal and Md Arham participated in Regional level Science exhibition on topic “Smart ways of waste Management” and were selected for national level organized at Blue Bells School, Gurgaon.

Skill India Competition

Participated in Skill India Competition organized by Navjyoti Foundation as PowerPoint presenter and were awarded 1st position

Optic Fair organized by Society of photo-optical instrumentation engineers

ANDC-SPIE (Society of photo-optical instrumentation engineers) organized ‘Optic Fair’ on 31st January, 2015 to promote options through workshops and model making amongst the school students.Lakshay Singhal and Kashish Tayal of class X participated under the theme ‘Ray Optics in technology’ and appreciated for their work.

Optics fair conducted by Delhi University in 2012

Our students of Jatin Jindal and Aman of class 11th participated at optics fair conducted by Acharya Narendra Dev college (Delhi University).They prepared smart microscope which has better magnification and easy to handle.

Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition

Samiksha Jain and Shriya Sahni got the opportunity to represent our school in various science exhibitions. We worked on a project on properties of the flower “Tagetes” commonly known as marigold and extracted it to create a mosquito repellent which we named as “Tagmore”.

We were appreciated for our efforts and were able to clear the zonal and center level of CBSE science exhibition to reach the state level. It was the very good and a learning experience for us.

Jawaharlal Nehru Children’s Science Exhibition

A model on biodegradable plastic and waste management was made by Shilpi Bansal and Vaishali khaturia of class XI A1 this model was selected in zonal level science exhibition they participated in regional level science exhibition and got selected for the state level science exhibition they were appreciated and brought laurels to the school. Their guide teacher was given a certificate.

CBSE State Level Science Exhibition

Shreya and Samiksha represented their model ecofriendly mosquito repellent in state level science exhibition organized by directorate of education. Their work was appreciated by all the judges and other scientists there.

CBSE State Level Science Exhibition

Parul Jindal and Shefali Gupta of class XI-A2 was selected for CBSE state level science exhibition held at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Rohini under the guidance of our physics teacher Ms. Kusum in 2009.

National level science exhibition

Gunjan Singh of class XI A1 made a project on anticancer properties of Notha podites neumoniana. Her project was selected for national level science exhibition organized by CBSE and got an opportunity to present her work at national level where about 200 projects from all over India and Gulf countries participated.

City Level Science Fair

An exhibit titled “Energy” participated in City Level Science Fair organized by National Science Center, Pragati Maidan and by IRIS and CII (Confederation of Indian industries) at IIT Delhi. This project is about energy from temple lamp.

National Level Science Exhibition

(2008) Yash of class XII-A was selected in CBSE National level science exhibition his model was – ‘Multi-featured Helmet’. This helmet screen motion controlled by the tongue movement and has mint flavour to inhale so that driver feelrefresh.

(2008) Jawahar Lal Nehru Science Exhibition

Yash of class XII-A prototype on ‘Multi-function Helmet’ was also selected in 34thJawahar Lal Nehru science exhibition held at Pondicherry in December 2008.

Science Congress

Yash also got a chance to participate in children 42nd science congress held at Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.

Teachers Achievements

Recognition by MHRD

Ms. Kusum received certificate by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India for stellar performance of students in Senior School Certificate Examination of CBSE.

TCPF India (The climate projection foundation India)

Ms. Mukta, completed the online Teacher’s training course on “Climate Change” that involved specific climate change impacts & solutions. The Climate Project Foundation is host to the Indian chapter of Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore's climate change leadership program, The Climate Reality Projects mission is to educate the public about the harmful effects of climate change and to work toward solutions at a grassroots level worldwide.

She was awarded the certificate of completion with 100 % marks.

Microsoft Educator Community

Teaching is about creating, innovating and cultivating curiosity. The forum empowers the students of today to prepare them for tomorrow through collaborative classrooms, fun and learning apps that make learning a totally new interesting experiences Part of online Microsoft Educator Community at www.education.microsoft.com to work as a part of the program “Bringing 21st century learning tools in the classroom”

Ms. Mukta was awarded Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert 2015-18 for three consecutive years.

Certified Microsoft Innovative educator

Master Microsoft Innovative Expert Trainer 2017-18,

Microsoft Innovative Expert trainer 2016-17,

Microsoft Educator Community Contributor

Microsoft Educator community Influencer.

Earned 59 badges of achievements, 30 certificates

Microsft Educator Expert meet

Participated in Microsft Educator Expert meet 2017 at Pride Plaza Hotel, aerocity “Bringing 21st century learning tools in the classroom and empowering educators and students ” through various themes Delocalise, strategise etc.

Microsoft Online Teacher’s Training

Completed the online Teacher’s training course on “Sustainable Development Goals”. Awarded the certificate of completion with 88 % marks.

Ms. Gunjan participated in Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert award in the year 2016-17. She got selected as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and attended MIEE Meet 2016-17 on 7th Feb and 8th Feb at Pride Plaza hotel. There she participated in a competition on the theme “Personalizing education for students” which was appreciated by all.


(2016) Ms. Gunjan participated in Lesson Plan competition held at Gyan Mandir Public School on the topic “Road Safety“. She made a lesson plan using the Microsoft tool - One Note to help explain Road Safety to students in a simplified manner. Her efforts were appreciated by all.

Mentored by Ms. Gunjan, students of class VII C, Anjana Yadav and Sifat Sharma, participated in zonal level Science exhibition organized by Directorate of Education. The exhibition was held at S.K.V Centre No-1. The students participated under the theme of Transport and Communication on the topic “Plastic coated bitumen roads”.

Mrs. Sonia Bobbal participated in 24 hour helpline program run by Hindustan Times to take doubts and difficulties of class XII students from all our India on telephone. Her efforts were appreciated and published in Hindustan Times newspaper.

ISA school award

Mrs. Sonia Bobbal coordinated for the project Science behind traditional stories with students of class VII and VIII for International school award.

Mrs. Sonia Bobbal got a letter of appreciation for excellent results of class XII board examinations in the year 2015 from Mrs. Smriti Irani then Human resource and development minister.

Other achievements:

Achievement 2015-16 (Gunjan)

  • Naina Dangi of class VIII C participated in Science Symposium held at Delhi International School, Rohini. The topic of the symposium was “Sun is the ultimate source of Energy on Earth”. She was appreciated for her participation.
  • Vanshika of class V-B and Akkshat of class IV-B also participated in Science game category where the students prepared a magical box which created an illusion by making an object inside it invisible.

Rashtriya Ekta Saptah

Our school organized a series of events to celebrate the Rashtriya Ekta Saptah from 31st October to 6th November 2016. Various competitions as directed by CBSE were held within the school.

The students from classes VI to XII participated in various competitions like poster making, Essay writing, Painting and singing competition. A special assembly was conducted by the students of IX standard who with the help of their skit presented their ideas on the theme Unity and integrity.

WBS-Microsoft ICT conclave

Two of our students recently participated in WBS-Microsoft ICT conclave held at Welham Boy’s School, Dehradun on 19th & 20th October. The conclave provided an opportunity to showcase their talent to innovate and successfully engage with technology, and prepare them for life after school.

The conclave witnessed the participation of more than 30 schools from various states all over India. The two students Mohd Arham and Yash patodia also got an opportunity to talk about their Microsoft skills in front of Mr. Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman Microsoft (India) who appreciated and admired their presentation. Their three day visit to this hill station made them learn a lot, who also shared their style of learning and teaching with the students of other states.

International Naturopathy Organization (INO) Organised KAUN BANEGA SWATHYA RAKSHAK Competition on 2nd Oct. 2015

International Naturopathy organization (INO) Organised KAUN BANEGA SWATHYA RAKSHAK Competition in which 2.5 lakhs students from all over India participated.

3 Students of S D Public School namely SHRISHTI, DEVANSHI MAHAJAN and ANUSHKA of class VII secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd position amongst the students of North Zone.

They were given medals and certificates by Dr. Bhola Singh - MP ,Shri Ajit M Sharan Secretary (Ayush Ministry) , Dr. Ishwar V. Basavaraddi(Director) CCRYN Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy and shri Jayprakash (Chairman) international Naturopathy organization.

It was a New milestone achieved by the students of S D Public School.

CPR 10 Utsav 2013 was organized in Govt. school, Bhajanpura in April 2013.

School yoga group was invited by Dr. K. K. Aggarwal (Cardiologist, Moolchand Hospital) to perform. The performance was appreciated by on and all presented there.

Dr. Aggarwal also performed some yogasans with the students.

School yoga group was specially invited by the producers of India's Got Talent show to participate. Performance by Printansh & Rainy Varshney of class VII & VI respectively got selected in the audition. They have cleared the III round too. Lets wish these all the luck.