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Community Services

As we nurture various talents in the students, we also nurture sensitivity, concern, empathy for the society through community service programmes held regularly in the school.

Students are taken on regular visits to various organizations which help the old, children and destitute to lead normal lives.

These visits inculcate the value of service for the society among students. The students visit Old Age Homes & SOS villages, contribute for Helpage India and Cancer Aid Society.

Visit to an Old Age Home

The students of class IX & X were taken to an Old Age Home in Swaroop Nagar in the month of January & February. It is being run in collaboration with an NGO named 'Helpage India'. The students entertained them by singing songs, sharing jokes & even asked them also to be a part of it. They also met them individually & shared their experiences in life. The students also took a lot of eatables & gifts for them. Some of them had even taken religious books for them to be read & shred with everybody. All these gestures added a smile on their faces.

At the time of departure, the students had tears in their eyes since they got reminded of their own Grand Parents.

Experiences of students

Priyanka X B : Visit to an Old Age Home is very heart touching for me. It reminded of my own grandparents. Now onward would be more caring towards my grandparents.

Nikita X B : It was very different kind of experience. It could be only experienced. It has change my perception towards elderly people.

Anshika Shukla & Yamini X C : We were very emotional during the visit. We missed our grandparents and wanted to adopt one of the elderly person.

Aditi Gandhi X C : It was very overwhelming experience. I feel they should stay with their family.

Visit to SOS Village

SOS organisation foster's humanity, compassion among children. School organised a visit to SOS Village on ___ , where in the students of class XI visited village. It was an eye opening experience for each and every one. We found that this village sponsors children whose parents are not there for them. We found that group of 7 to 10 children were put together with a permanent resident SOS mother, so as to give children family based care. This project is taking care in ensuring a successful future for all the children living there because they are being nurtured academically, physically & spiritually. There is no companies being made in the quality of education nutrition being provided to these children. They go to very good public schools like Sachdeva Public, Ryan, Ganga International etc. ever to good engineering collage they have taken admission in.

Children took cookies for children and interacted with them. They found that the children over there also enjoyed with the same facilities which over family provide, whatever its T.V., Hair Colour, Outdoor trips, Eating favourite dishes or using their favourites perfumes etc.

Children Comments

Whenever we get married, we can go for choice of selecting a partner from here where there is no difference between the values and facilities provided to them.

On weekend or holidays we can come and teach children here.