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Inclusive Education Unit

We believe in philosophy of expending efforts to recognize and respond appropriately to all learners with special educational needs. Special education is a process of making educational provision to meet special needs of the children. It is individually planned, specialized, intensive, goal directed instruction. When practiced most effectively and ethically, special education uses research-based teaching methods and guided by direct and frequent measures of student performance.

Special Education Centre Provide services

  1. Identification and Screening of students with Special Needs as well as Students 'At Risk'.
  2. Functional (Educational and Behavioral) Assessment.
  3. Learning Style Assessment. (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic etc.)
  4. Find the strengths of every student with special needs and provide opportunities to show the strengths through identification / modification of immediate environment to appreciate and recognize those strengths.
  5. Build, review and modify practical reward- system/s that can motivate individual students to perform at their optimum level. (Behaviour Modification).
  6. Teach to strengthen Reading, Writing and Arithmetic to help students to cope with regular curricula.
  7. Suggest curriculum adaptation like preferred seat, frequent praise, sitting with helping and bright students etc to Teachers.
  8. Prepare Individual Education Plan with the help of parent/s & teacher/s and on the basis of specific disability.
  9. Provide spot tutoring with the help of class teacher.
  10. Teach Time Management, effective/ positive Social Skills and Attention Enhancing Practices. Design specific learning activities/ Life Skill activities.
  11. Modify academic assignments as per the need.
  12. Use Multi-sensory Approach and make teachers and parents aware about relevant strategies that work better for individual students.
  13. Use Effective Teaching strategies - break down the tasks in smaller steps arranged in order to difficulty, with each item being a prerequisite for the subsequent one until the goal is reached.
  14. Develop Behavior Intervention Plan for Individual students and involve teachers and parents to implement consistently across situations.
  15. Refer the student, if needed, to concerned professional like Physical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Speech and / or Occupational Therapists.

UTSAH - Centre for Educational and Psychological Development for CWSN
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