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Tiny tots of SDPS, Pitampura explored about the Monsoon by celebrating weather variance week. Whole week they were exposed to different activities like singing songs, rhymes , hearing stories and variety of art activities as well. Students had great fun when they experienced the rain drops falling from the sky. They were elated when they had Umbrella Dance activity. Overall the week provided an enriching experience to the growing kids thus leaving a memorable impact on their minds.


Learning by involving yourself is not only fun but also leaves an everlasting impact. Little kids got the experience of walking on straight and sleeping lines which added fun to the classroom teaching and making them prepare for the concepts coming ahead in their near future. Through this activity an effort was made to enhance their eye-hand co-ordination, attention span, waiting for their turns etc.

Celebration of Colour Days at SDPS, Pitampura

Pre –Primary Department of SDPS, Pitampura celebrated colour days with the tiny tots. Students learnt about various colours through various activities like tearing and pasting, colouring, object observation, cutoutlayout , singing rhymes and songs etc. Children came dressed up as per colour of the day and brought one object every day related to the colour. Through objects kids created a corner in their classroom and further discussion on the same was taken. Overall the week proved to be very fruitful and children were easily able to differentiate between various colours.

Student Contact Programme, 2017

Settlement programme for the new entrants was organised from 28th March,17 to 01st April, 17. The week was full of various fun and frolic activities for the little ones. Children went for the school round where they saw different rooms, playground area, swings area etc. Next day proved more thrilling with movie show, bubble burst activities. Kids were elated when they were exposed to water fun and hoopla jump game. Free play was done on daily basis where kids played with his / her favourite toys or game. Overall the week was full of interesting activities and helped tiny tots to adjust in their new environment with ease.

Learning from Seniors is Joyful

We at SDPS gives exposure to our little one to learn from their seniors. Kids of Pre-Primary got opportunity to learn about the importance of Saving electricity from their seniors. They were given the message through a powerpointpresentation, videos and motivating songs. Children were motivated to use electricity judiciously. And they wore hand bands with thought provoking slogans as well.

Free Hand Drawing

Wow ! We have done it.

Children learnt to make sun out of circle shape. And it was great to see the little ones making an object without an eraser. Kids made picture of a sun using a crayon and making it more beautiful by colouring it.

Reading from Vocabulary Wall

Look, listen and speak:- An activity was organised for Pre-Primary kids where they were given exposure to frame short sentences by looking at the vocabulary wall. Through this activity their vocabulary was enhanced and their confidence was boosted.


We at SDPS, Pitampura believes, in giving education for lifetime. That is why, we always make sure that students should be engaged in playful activities and should get a chance of learning by doing. Students of Pre-Primary classes learnt word building with the help of letter kit. All the students participated with zeal and came out with variety of words.

Report On Rakhi Making Competition

Pre-Primary Department of SDPS, Pitampura organized Rakhi Making Competition on 06th August, 2016 for parents and tiny tots. Parents participated with great zeal in the competition. They all came up with innovative ideas and prepared beautiful rakhis. Tiny tots helped their mothers in preparing rakhi’s by lending their help to their mothers. Overall the activity went very well and gave chance to the little ones to learn the importance behind the festival. Judges appreciated the efforts of the parents and boosted their confidence with their motivational words.

Introducing Oneself

Talking about ‘Myself’ an activity was planned for Pre-School classes. Tiny tots got an exposure of standing behind the podium and addressing the audience. Moreover, other students from the class got the chance to know more about their classmates. The activity gave a wonderful experience to the little ones and brought the whole class more closer by knowing about each other more well.


Pre-Primary Department organised a workshop for parents on 30th July, 2016 (Saturday) on the topic Teaching Techniques. Parents particpated in the workshop with great zeal. The workshop gave a glimpse of techniques, which a parent can practice with their little ones for better learning.

Parents were given demonstration of different rhymes, stories, free hand drawings, notebook presentation etc. Parents were elated to attend the workshop and looked eager for such workshops in future.

Learning is fun at SDPS, Pitampura.

Children opened their horizon of learning and imagination by creating different patterns out of shape kit. Tiny tots came up with beautiful ideas like earings, nose pin, necklace etc. This activity also helped in enhancing their vocabulary, attention span and above all brought enjoyment in their learning.